Cervico-facial and thoracic cellulitis in a disadvantaged environment in Ségou, Mali.

Aminata Fofana, Mohamed Keita, Seydina Alioune Beye, Kadiatou Doumbia-Singaré, Boubacar M Dramé, Samba K Timbo, Boubacar K Diallo, Alhousseini Ag Mohamed


Cervico-facial and thoracic cellulitis is a cellular diffusion from an infectious focus to cellulo-adipose tissues.The objective of this work was to review the management of this condition, to describe the descriptive study of the factors favoring it, to describe our experience of cellulite management and to identify the factors favoring it. Prognostic factors.This was a retrospective and descriptive study from October 2015 to March 2016 at the Ccentre Hhospitalier Nianankoro Fomba de Ségou. It involved 09 patients, 05 men for 4 women. The front door was essentially dental. We noticed 02 pregnancy cases associated with cellulite. We observed cervical and thoracic necrosis in 6 cases and cervical swelling in 03 cases. Cervical swelling in 03 cases. (Review title of study)The treatment was medical based on a triple with antibiotic and surgical treatment in all cases. The surgical treatment consisted of debridement - excision of the necrotic tissues and abundant washing with hydrogen peroxide and Dakin with a multiple drainage. Thoracic drainage was performed in 3 patients.The progression was favorable in 7 cases with complete cure and 2 cases of death in a sudden death chart. Mediastinitis.Cervico-facial cellulitis is a serious pathology of the young subject that can be life-threatening in the absence of a fast and adapted and multidisciplinary care

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