The Isambert disease: a very rare revelation of miliary tuberculosis

Z Rachadi, M Idalene, L Arsalane, A Raji, N Tassi


The objective of this study was to report a case of miliary tuberculosis revealed by a pharyngeal localization, and study this disease through a literature review.

We report the clinical case of a 23 year old patient presented for chronic tonsillitis treated as bacterial but without improvement. Dysphonia and dysphagia were added later with the same signs of tuberculous impregnation. The chest x-ray done before the onset of coughing had objectified miliary. The diagnosis of tuberculosis was selected before the detection of acid-fast bacilli in cytobacteriological examination of the pharyngeal swab and sputum. Specific antituberculous treatment led to a favourable outcome

In a context of endemic tuberculosis, the diagnosis of miliary tuberculosis of the pharynx

should be considered in all pharyngeal syndrome did not improve with medical treatment.

Keywords: Isambert disease; oropharynx ; tuberculosis

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