Epidemiological clinical and bacteriological profiles of infections of the urinary tract in the department of infectious and tropical diseases in Tenon hospital in Paris: “preliminary study”

M Savadogo, G Pialoux, G Bellaud, AD Bourguignon, C Mousseaux, A Canestri


Objective: Describe the epidemiological, clinical and bacteriological characteristics of urinary tract infections (ITUs) in the department of infectious and tropical diseases of the University Hospital of Ténon in Paris.

Patients et methods : This was a retrospective study carried out on October 25, 2016 in the Department of Infectious and Tropical Diseases in the University Hospital of Ténon in Paris. Included were all hospitalized patients who underwent cytobacteriological examination of urine (CBEU) significant leukocyturia and positive uroculture.

Results : Four patients have been accounted for out of a total of 28 hospitalized patients, representing a hospital prevalence of 14%. Their ages varied between 22 and 82 years. The urinary signs were present in a single patient, and were represented by dysuria and lumbar pain in a febrile context. The bacteria isolated by the cytobacteriological examination of the urine (CBEU) were represented by E. coli (2) including 1 producer of expanded spectrum betalactamase (ESBL), P. aeruginosa (1), and phenotype K. pneumoniae  (1) both of them wild-type.  

Conclusion : ITUs appear to be relatively common in the infectious disease department in Tenon Hospital. These infections were almost always associated with other comorbidities. They were rarely accompanied by signs of urinary appeal, hence the interest of their systematic research in the context of any septic workup.

Key words: Bacteria, infections of the urinary tract, Paris

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